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Positive Psychology Training puts the science into practice with a range of practical applications to help you feel good, function well and flourish. We provide training, consultancy, coaching, content and resources in positive psychology from expert practitioners in the field. Founder Miriam Akhtar is one of the UK’s leading positive psychologists and 1 of 100 global experts in happiness who contributed to the World Book of Happiness. She holds the prestigious MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), established by Prof Martin Seligman “to make the world a happier place” and is a visiting lecturer on MAPP programmes in the UK and Europe. She works with a team of associates who are leaders in the field. We have a track record in positive psychology applications with well-being programmes that range from Positive Youth to Positive Ageing. The Happiness Zones, has been highlighted as an example of best practice in mental well-being. We will design a programme to suit your needs or participate in one of our open courses such as the Happiness Training Programme Online or the 2-day Positive Psychology Masterclass. You can also book yourself some 1-to-1 coaching sessions. Resources include a bestselling book of evidence-based positive psychology tools to raise and recover well-being and the Happiness Training Plan. If you have a specific question or are considering a career in the field, there’s also an option for a telephone consultation. Follow @pospsychologist on Twitter and ‘like’ the Facebook page. 

Providers of Training, Coaching & Consultancy in Positive Psychology


We offer short courses in positive psychology for personal and professional development as well as training for coaches, psychologists and other L&D professionals in the knowledge and tools of positive psychology. We deliver well-being programmes eg. well-being at work, happiness habits and ‘taster’ sessions suitable for events, residentials and away-days. The 2-day Positive Psychology Masterclass is an open course with dates throughout the year.

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We work with schools, youth services, charities, public health and local education authorities to support the well-being and development of young people. We train education and youth professionals to use positive psychology in their work and design well-being and resilience programmes for children and young people.  The Happiness Zones is a ground-breaking programme for young people, which has been highlighted as an example of best practice in mental well-being.

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Positive psychology, executive, life and wellness coaching face-to-face, by telephone or on Skype. Experience the benefits of positive psychology coaching in one-to-one sessions tailored to help you feel good, function well and flourish on every front. Positive psychology is scientifically-grounded coaching, drawing on the theory, research and evidence-based tools that have been shown to work. All our courses can also be delivered in coaching sessions.

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Mental Health

The science of happiness has generated evidence-based self-help tools to recover from depression.  Positive psychology broadens out mental health treatment and offers a drug-free approach which has been scientifically proven to boost your mood, overcome mild-to-moderate depression, build resilience and prevent relapses.  Access the tools to recover your well-being in personal coaching sessions and in the book – Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression.

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Some of the organisations we work with:

The Happiness Training Programme Online

Wednesdays from 23rd September to 11th November 2015

Plant a positive psychology practice every week in this group coaching course with 2 of the UK’s leading practitioners –  Miriam Akhtar and Dr Chris Johnstone

The 8-week course costs £150 (approx $225 or €207) with a concessionary rate of £90 (approx $137 or €125).

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Applying the science of happiness to depression

ppfordepressionPositive Psychology for Overcoming Depression: Self-help Strategies for Happiness, Inner Strength and Well-being is the first self-help guide to apply practical tools from the science of happiness to overcome persistent low mood.

12 scientifically-proven strategies to build positivity & resilience while alleviating and protecting you from depression. Read more.

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Positive Ageing – how to live well in later life


Ageing has a bad press and it’s about time that the fear factor was challenged and the positives regarding the 3rd act of life disseminated. We are delighted to announce a collaboration with Guy Robertson of Positive Ageing Associates. We have developed practical and fun workshops on how to live well in later life using.
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How to Develop Happy, Effective Learners

positive education

Miriam is giving a keynote at an education conference in South Wales in July 2015. She’ll be exploring Positive Education – learning that blends the academic side with an education in well-being. There’s ample evidence that shows the connection between performance and well-being. The higher a student’s well-being, the more motivated they are to learn..
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What is Post-traumatic Growth?


What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger?  Were you a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings? In the last 10 years have there been any unexpected positives that emerged following the event? Whereas the flashbacks, nightmares and other adverse consequences of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are well-known, its opposite Post-traumatic Growth (PTG) is less familiar..
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Open courses this autumn


Two opportunities this autumn. Wherever you are in the world you can join the Happiness Training Programme Online, the 8-week group coaching course with Miriam Akhtar and Dr Chris Johnstone. It starts on Wednesday 23rd September and runs for 8 weeks. This is a chance for you to plant a positive psychology practice in your.
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Walking the Talk to Wellbeing


I recently met Satish Kumar, a world ambassador for walking, who in the 1960s embarked on an epic 8000-mile peace walk from Gandhi’s grave in Delhi to JFK’s in Washington DC. His description of walking as an ‘antidote to depression’ really chimes with me having walked my way back to happiness around my local park..
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Love & Purpose – Happiness with extra bandwidth


The Bristol Happiness Lectures were an annual event at the University of Bristol set up by Dr Chris Johnstone, the co-author with Joanna Macy of Active Hope, a book that makes the connection between personal and planetary well-being. When Chris relocated to the wilds of North-East Scotland, he asked me to help transform the Happiness.
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Sustainable Well-being


Bristol is the European Green Capital for 2015. My home city has long been a hub of progressive thinking and innovation. With its chilled West Coast vibe, Silicon Valley (the largest digital cluster outside London) and Oscar-winning filmmakers, you could describe it as the California of the UK. A lot of people choose to live.
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The Happiness Training Programme Online

Wednesdays from 23rd September to 11th November 2015

Plant a positive psychology practice every week in this group coaching course with 2 of the UK’s leading practitioners –  Miriam Akhtar and Dr Chris Johnstone

The 8-week course costs £150 (approx $225 or €207) with a concessionary rate of £90 (approx $137 or €125).

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Positive Psychology Masterclass: Foundations of Positive Psychology

Mon & Tues 28th-29th September 2015

Engineers’ House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB

Early Bird to Sept 4th/Concs: £375+VAT(£450)
Full: £575 + VAT (£690)
To access the concessionary rate please email Miriam for payment details. For the full rate please use PayPal below.

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Happiness Coaching e-book

Coming soon :-) An e-book that brings together the knowledge and tools from positive psychology that I use everyday in my coaching practice and in well-being programmes. Read more here.

Positive psychology interventions to :-

  • Feel good, function well and flourish
  • Increase happiness & well-being
  • Play to your strengths for success
  • Build your positivity
  • Find meaning, motivation & purpose
  • Protect against depression
  • Learn optimism, ‘self defence’ for the mind
  • Grow resilience to bounce back
  • Perform at your best
  • Find a positive direction
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Create your ideal future
  • Realise your potential
  • Manage change positively
  • Energise your work
  • Increase engagement
  • Improve your quality of life